Author: Anna

12 Days of Parrotness

Day 1 – “Seymore”

A resilient quaker with a will to live.. This story is based around a little green Quaker parrot named Seymore. This bundle of “quakertude” came into my life 7 years ago – at the very beginning of Birdline, but he is not a rescue. How he came to join our family is as special as he is. In late August I woke up to find my beloved cockatiel “Sunny” had passed away, she had died of egg binding, a medical issue I am now well versed in but was rather naïve in my understanding of it at that time.

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We wish to thank everyone who has so graciously donated their time, their money and their support.

Birdline relies heavily on the generous gifts donated to the rescue both monetary and non – monetary.

These gifts are essential in helping us continue to do what we do – saving lives – and making a difference, one at a time.

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