Adopted Parrots

Gucci aka Cheeky – Green Cheek Conure


This sweet girl is looking for a new family to call her own.  This is NOT a Birdline bird and we make no guarantees as to medical and/or behavioral traits.

The information provided is done so via his current owner – contact information is below – if you are interested in adding this little girl to your family please direct all questions/inquiries to the address provided.


 “Cheeky has only had one owner. She likes to come off her cage and sit on your shoulder; she loves to do the dishes, fold clean towels and can poop on command.

She can say cheeky bird, give kisses and click to get your attention. She is extremely friendly however with the current owner not being able to spend enough quality time with Cheeky she has become a little bit nippy (especially when small fingers are present).

I feel that this is just jealousy as she has been very good in the past with small children. Cheeky has never been housed with other birds and is very unsure (spent 2 days beside a small finch and did get scared). Cheeky does enjoy spending time around dogs.

Cheeky has had some noisy spells when she doesn’t spend enough time outside of her cage and with the right amount of attention that should decrease if not disappear as it was not a problem in the past. Cheeky is on a Harrison’s Pellet diet and loves fresh apples and bananas. Cheeky will come with cage, carrier, any food/treats, all paperwork as well as books on conures.


Cheeky has not been vet checked in about a year and a half, however last check was a clean bill of health (including blood work). I generally keep her wings clipped however they are currently full flight.

For further information or to potentially meet Cheeky please contact Morgan at 403-809-4552 or

As this has been a very difficult decision to make I am in no rush to place Cheeky and will take as much time as needed to find the perfect home. I am looking for a possible adoption fee; however I am willing to negotiate if a guaranteed forever home with experience shows interest.