Adoption Fees

Birdline is 100% a volunteer organization, there are no paid staff or administrative staff.  Being a non profit, we rely on donations and adoption fees to keep the organization operational as well as various fundraising events throughout the year.

All adoption fees go directly back into the rescue, these fees help to cover the costs of veterinary care that ALL incoming/existing parrots receive once they come to Birdline, the cost of new cages/enrichment/dietary needs and special medical care that some birds require in order to sustain the best quality of life.

16 thoughts on “Adoption Fees

  • Rubylynn Blakley

    Hi there, I am Rubylynn. I would like to say I admire you for what you do. It would be a dream for me to do the same.
    I recently lost my amazon and am heart broken and totally lost without my shoulder companion. I have been searching for and amazon, blue and gold or cockatoo to care for and love for weeks now and other than scammers haven’t had any luck.
    I am a single woman with lots of time to give. I live in rural B.C. and I rarely leave my house so it is quite a challenge to find something online. If you have a feather kid to adopt, or can point me in the right direction
    I would so appreciate it.

  • It is really amazing what you are doing.

  • Mike Saretsky

    Hello, my name is Mike and I’m interested in volunteering my time. Just wondering if you are seeking volunteers and what is required in that position.

    • Hi Mike,
      Can you please fill out the volunteer application now located on the website. Thank you!

  • We would like to adopt a parrot. Many years ago we had birds – budgies and cockatiel and have always wanted a parrot. We dod teach our cockatiel to speak. Please call at 403 816 6714

    • Hi Norine

      Can you please fill out an application form now located on the website. Thank you!

  • Aaron Mcmahon

    I am wondering if the organisation is looking for volunteers i am very interested i have worked with birds all my life

    • Hi Aaron
      Can you please fill out the application form now located on the website. Thank you! Experienced handlers are always an asset!

  • Harley and shelby

    Hello, I have recently seen your rescue on the news and would like to join you in your efforts of rehoming and rehabilitating birds. My girlfriend and I have about 3 years experience with our own Amazon parrot and are interested in volunteering our time and possibly fostering. Please let us know how we can get involved with your organization.
    Harley & Shelby

    • Hi there,
      Can you please fill out the forms now on the website and I will get back to you via email. Would love to have another set of hands and I love that you have amazonian experience!

  • Bonnie Kroetsch

    Hello my name is Bonnie I have always wanted a bird. I have a little experience with birds. How ever I am home all day most days. There are times when I need to run to the City so I have lots of time to spend with a bird if given the chance. My husband works away. So this would be a companion for me. Our dog is 12 years old and not in good health because of age. So I am looking for new companion. Our children have all left the nest and started there own families. I am willing to learn anything I need to as it would help fill my days. Willing to adopt or foster.

    • Hi Bonnie,
      Can you please fill out the foster application and the volunteer application located on our website.
      Thank you!

  • Patrick Merrick

    I may be interested in a parrot I just had my Quaker of 19 years pass away. Very sad about it. Iam considering maybe helping you out.

    • Hi Patrick,
      I am so sorry to hear of your parrots passing. It is never easy losing a feathered companion.
      On our website you will find a new foster application as well as a Volunteer application. Please fill these out if you are looking to do either at this time.
      Sincere condolences on your loss.

  • Saheti dasari

    I would love to adopt the cockatoo.. Can you please give me the details and the adaption fees. I live in Ontario and we Dunt have any pets at home. My daughter is 5 years old and is a big fan of having a pet.. Particularly a bird. Kindly let me know the details of the adoption.. Thank you

    • Hi Saheti
      Unfortunately we do not adopt out of Province. Please email me directly with your contact information and I will ensure that you are added to our file of families looking to adopt. We do get people requesting to surrender out of Province and we keep names of those interested so we can potentially assist in making a match.


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