Pictured below is a presentation at the Calgary Humane Society KFAC – Kids camp.  We discussed parrot ownership, care, and the realities of parrots in rescues.  What an amazing group of kids!

(Melaina – human resource manager at CHS with Eddie her Alexandrian Parakeet and Joey the Goffin Cockatoo – a resident at Birdline)

20140102_114653 20140102_114704 photo 4

A critical part of what we do at Birdline includes Education.  We believe everyone looking to bring a parrot into their home, should be aware of the huge responsibility they are undertaking and be ready to handle the many challenges.

We are available to come and visit your group/class and share what we do as a rescue organization and explain the realities of parrot ownership.

We do NOT charge to come and visit and have found most groups give Birdline an honorarium or the group does a fundraiser on their own prior to us coming down.  This however is NOT a requirement!!

Please read through the many articles we have posted.  We have provided them for you to read and further educate yourself on life with a parrot and if a parrot is the right choice for you and your family.  As well, it may help you decide “what” parrot is the best fit.

Feel free to email us anytime with any questions:

  • Goffins Cockatoo tool user
    Here is a cute video of Charlie, our resident Goffins Cockatoo. We took this video in 2010. Here you can see him use a tool to give himself a scratch where he just can’t reach very well on his own. Enjoy!
  • The reason for home visits.
    When placing a parrot into a new family – this is a big decision not only for the family making the commitment, but for us as an organization.  As most parrots are coming from less than ideal situations, we want to ensure that the new family is readily prepared for any issues the bird may ...
  • Parrot housing
      How big should a cage be and what should be in it? I have always believed that the bigger the cage, the better! A general rule of thumb is that a cage should be large enough for your bird so that when they stand in the middle, and turn a complete circle with wings outstretched – ...
  • Parrots and Frostbite
    Living this far north, we Canadians have learned how to protect ourselves from sub-zero winter weather.  We bundle ourselves up with boots, toques, warm coats and cozy mittens when heading outside. Without such protection, prolonged exposure to freezing temperatures could lead to hypothermia and frostbite.  Unfortunately, humans are not the only species at risk for frostbite.  ...
  • Avian First Aid Course
    Birdline Canada Parrot Rescue and Calgary Avian and Exotic Pet Clinic is excited to present our second AVIAN FIRST AID COURSE The first class filled up within 10 days and we do currently have a waiting list pending.  If you wish to participate in the next class, please email us and we will add your name to ...
  • ALWAYS know WHERE your bird is!
    During the spring and summer we get dozens of calls for help in regards to lost birds.  Although its mostly the warmer months when birds get lost, it can happen at anytime of the year and is crucial that you are always aware of where your bird is when its not in his/her cage. A CLIPPED ...
  • Keeping multiple parrots.
    The following outlines important factors for maintaining a healthy flock. By Leticia Materi, PhD DVM Calgary Avian and Exotic Pet Clinic Quarantine A proper quarantine protocol is the most important step to prevent spread of disease in any animal collection.  Its purpose is to allow sufficient time for newly acquired birds to exhibit clinical signs of disease and to ...
  • CHS Kids Club 2012
    Birdline had the opportunity to present to 4 different kids clubs over the past 4 days at the Calgary Humane Society.  Its a great way to educate and share the realities of companion parrot ownership and the diverse needs that parrots need in order to live healthy and  happy lives.      
  • Surrendering a Parrot to Birdline
    Making the decision to surrender your animal can be a heartbreaking time but can also be one of the most unselfish things you can do for your companion pet. Life changes can sometimes make it very difficult to carry on the responsibility of pet ownership and being able to say “I need help” is not a ...
  • Mango’s Surgery
    Mango’s Medical Story Anna and Steve brought Mango to our clinic shortly after his surrender for his general assessment and to address a chronic open wound on his upper chest. Mango had a history of feather destructive behaviour and sadly, he fell into that group, typical of male Moluccan Cockatoos, that takes feather destructive behaviour to the ...