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Goffin Cockatoo looking for her feathever family..

Baby is a sweet girl looking for a feathever family to call her own. She is approx 25 yrs old (give or take a few years).

When she first came in, she was quite shy and seemed fearful of just about everything and had some serious feather (tail mostly) destruction. In the past two years she had some issues with full body feather destruction and has worn a cone off and on when it got so bad that she was drawing blood. The destruction was noted during hormone season and if she was to close to the male goffin (who dislikes other birds).

She is still chewing her feathers unfortunately and while wearing her cone – the feathers do come back in – but she will yank out the ones on her neck if she can reach them – its been a never ending cycle at this point and we believe that in a home with no other big birds – she just may learn to relax and allow those feathers to stay – there is also the possibility that this learned behavior will never go away and the new owner needs to be accepting and aware of this.

Shes most comfortable with women but does like 1 male in the household – as there are no small kids in her life now – we do not know how she would do with them – based on her personality and behaviors – she should be in a home with older kids – a finger poked at her will be wearing a bandaid for sure.

Her toy of choice? her rope perches – these are fun to chew through – any and all sizes. She has had a variety of toys and for the most part ignores them – she likes to toss her toys around outside of her cage and ripping paper – what cockatoo doesn’t like paper 🙂

She eats a variety of vege/fruit and has chosen zupreem fruity pellets out of the variety given to her daily – the other ones end up on the floor as its fun to toss them around – it took almost a year for her to eat any pellet at all so whatever she chooses is fine – even if its not our choice.

As typical with cockatoos – she can scream and she can do it loudly! She is not suited for anyone living in a shared dwelling.

She needs a loving/patient owner who will continue to work with her on trust and doing things slowly with her as she can still be fearful – she is still scared to be on any bird stand and will throw herself off of it in order to be with a person instead – some separation anxiety is still there.

She loves to sit with you and cuddle – watch movies – hop on your keyboard – dance to music and has the goofy personality of a goffin.

She will require multiple visits before adoption.

She does well with big dogs but does not like small ones or cats – she will chase to bite them (past experiences have not been good for her).

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