Please read the information provided before filling out the application forms provided at the BOTTOM of this page.

WE DO NOT ADOPT OUT OF PROVINCE (unless a potential owner can facilitate multiple visits prior to adoption)


Part of our mandate is to ensure that adoptive homes are well educated on the realities of owning a parrot.  We request that all potential adopters do their research on the specific species they want to share their home with.

All parrots on the adoptable pages have bios and photos and the kind of home/family that is best suited for that particular bird.  Please ensure you read it carefully.  

At Birdline, we go to great lengths to pre-qualify all prospective fosters and adopters.  We make sure they are aware of what they are getting into, and make sure the entire family is on board with the decision.  We provide education and training support as well.   If for some reason the bird cannot stay at his new home, we request that Birdline is contacted prior to any other placement.

Adoptable birds have been with Birdline from 0 – 10 years – we have extensive experience with every bird and will list the required homes for each one based on that experience and history (if known).

Some birds do have social/behavior/medical concerns which are disclosed on their bios.  

Please note that all adoption and foster applications require a home visit prior to placement of bird/s.  At this time we are doing placements within Calgary and the surrounding towns within 1/2 hour travel distance, during extreme weather we will not do out of town travelling, we thank you in advance for your understanding.

Some birds require a slower transition into a new home and need more frequent visiting until they are ready to stay permanently – travelling to/from long distances is not possible at this time.  

NOTE – ALL potential foster homes and adoptive homes with existing parrots MUST provide proof of veterinary care for their existing birds.  We take the health of all birds very seriously and due to the nature of some avian diseases – we will not risk the health of the bird visiting and possibly bringing back a virus that could be deadly to the rest of the flock.  ALL Birdline birds have a strict medical protocol and do not go into foster and/or new homes without full examinations with our Avian Vets.  
Calgary Avian and Exotic Pet Clinic – 403-240-3577
The vets in this clinic specialize in exotics only – as there are NO cats/dogs in this clinic, you can take your exotic pet there without worrying about them being unduly stressed out with the presence of barking dogs and/or cats!
All foster,adoptive and volunteer applications must be filled out by an adult 18+.

To apply for our Fostering program, please fill out the form below:

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If you represent another rescue or organization, and wish to transfer a parrot to Birdline, download this form: Inter Agency Transfer Form

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  • Hello, my name is Brandon, I have been searching for a macaw ever since I was a little boy, I have experience with many birds even macaws but have never been able to afford to purchase one, if there is any up for adoption in the Saskatchewan area can someone inform me. I Live in Moosejaw sask and am eager to adopt a new friend


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