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Part of our mandate is to break the cycle of re-homing parrots due to behavioral or lifestyle changes and provide education to prospective adopters and those who may be struggling with their existing parrot. Many statistics gathered today show that a companion parrot will find himself re-homed at least 7 times in his lifetime.

This is a reality that cannot be disputed due to the fact that most parrots have a life span of 50 – 100 years of age.  It goes something like this:

Jane sees an ad on Kijiji for an Umbrella Cockatoo named Snowy.

Jane has always wanted an Umbrella since childhood, and this ad is a real bargain compared to what a baby costs in the pet store!

Jane visits Snowy, sees the great cage and all the toys that comes with him and takes him home. 2 weeks later the whole family is in an uproar!

Snowy won’t stop screaming, he has bit the husband, and the children are afraid to go into the living room!

Snowy and all his gear are up for sale on Kijiji, and the cycle continues.  Sadly, Jane thinks the bird is “bad” and hopes to sell it and get a better one – without educating herself on the realities.

The next unsuspecting person sees Snowy for sale and takes him home. This same person runs into the same problem due to lack of education/research and Snowy ends up in rescue and or a shelter or continually sold over and over.

By the time Snowy makes it to Birdline (if he does)he is a neurotic/screaming/aggressive, feather plucking mess – and hes not even 3 years old.

The hard work then begins.

We want people to do their research BEFORE taking on a parrot – whether its from a rescue/shelter or a private sale.

In petstores, its about the same, with the difference being that most of the parrots are still babies and many are being hand fed by inexperienced staff members, they spend their days getting poked at by kids/adults and live in an environment that is not ideal by any means.  They learn inappropriate social skills and don’t see those hands coming at them as “rewarding” and the aggressive behaviors can soon follow.

You walk in and exclaim HOW CUTEEE awwwwwww.  You are then told by the staff what an AWESOME pet this bird would be, not very messy, super cuddly, and oh by the way, we have a payment plan so you can take it home today!! Feed it some seed, and some water and a few toys and you have a perfect pet. Sound familiar??

At Birdline, we go to great lengths to pre-qualify all prospective fosters and adopters.  We make sure they are aware of what they are getting into, and make sure the entire family is on board with the decision.  We provide education and training support as well.   If for some reason the bird cannot stay at his new home, we request that Birdline is contacted prior to any other placement.

Adoptable birds have been with Birdline from 0 – 10 years – we have extensive experience with every bird and will list the required homes for each one based on that experience and history (if known).

Please note that all adoption and foster applications may require a home visit prior to placement of bird/s.  At this time we are doing placements within Calgary and the surrounding towns within 1/2 hour travel distance, during extreme weather we will not do out of town travelling, we thank you in advance for your understanding.

Some birds require a slower transition into a new home and need more frequent visiting until they are ready to stay permanently – travelling to/from long distances is not possible at this time.  We also do NOT ship birds.

NOTE – ALL potential foster homes and adoptive homes with existing parrots MUST provide proof of veterinary care for their existing birds.  We take the health of all birds very seriously and due to the nature of some avian diseases – we will not risk the health of the bird visiting and possibly bringing back a virus that could be deadly to the rest of the flock.  ALL Birdline birds have a strict medical protocol and do not go into foster and/or new homes without full examinations with our Avian Vets.  
Calgary Avian and Exotic Pet Clinic – 403-240-3577
The vets in this clinic specialize in exotics only – as there are NO cats/dogs in this clinic, you can take your exotic pet there without worrying about them being unduly stressed out with the presence of barking dogs and/or cats!
All foster,adoptive and volunteer applications must be filled out by an adult 18+.

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If you represent another rescue or organization, and wish to transfer a parrot to Birdline, download this form: Inter Agency Transfer Form

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