Foster Application

Please fill out this form to apply to become a Birdline Foster Family

Please indicate your type of residence. Some species do not do well in shared dwellings due to the noise.
Please indicate the size of parrot you are interested in. This helps to determine the best placement of species.
Do you have a preference for a particular species?
Do you own or rent your home?
If you rent, do you have permission from your landlord to house pets?
Are all members of the family in agreement to foster this bird?
How old are your children? Some species are not adaptable to small children
Do you work full or part time?
How many hours a day will the bird be in his/her cage?
Do you currently have an Avian Vet for any existing parrots in the home?
May we contact them for a reference?
Do you have any special skills ie: bandage wrapping/med admin etc
Do you have any cages in the event we place a parrot with you without one?
How much notice would you require in the event of an emergency intake?
If you currently own birds, what do you use to clean the cage with?
How often do you think the cage cleaning should be done?
What would you line your cage with?
Will you be able to provide daily vegetables/fruit to the bird?
If the foster bird requires medical visits to the Avian vet, will you be able to transport said bird?
Are you familiar with the varieties of pellets for birds?
Do you have other pets in the home:
Please list any potential dangers you can forsee in your home regarding the health of a parrot and the steps you take to ensure they are safe.
In the case of an emergency ie:broken blood feather/nail – do you know what to do?
If the bird should bite one of your existing pets or a family member, how would you handle that situation?
Will you be able to foster a bird long term ie: 6 months or longer
Please share any further information that is important for us to know: