About Us

Birdline Parrot Rescue is a non-profit organization, located in the province of Alberta.  Due to unforeseen circumstances we are currently working on getting our registration active.

While the rescue-rehome community for parrots is on a much smaller scale than the canine or feline rescue networks, many of the same problems are encountered when it comes to abused or neglected parrots. The parrot rescue community  deals with many unique issues not experienced by the other rescues.

Many parrots suffer abuse and neglect, and often times that neglect is not always visible to a non – parrot person.

Add to these challenges the fact that parrots often outlive their owners, have dangerous biting abilities, and are often very difficult to rehabilitate from broken trust situations, and the parrot rescue community is presented with many unique challenges.

Birdline Parrot Rescue  exists to help not only the parrots in need of rescue and or rehab from such situations, but to educate others on what neglect looks like and how to help the bird in need and to save as many lives as we can.

We not only work on placement of parrots in a variety of situations, but we also work one on one with families to assist in behavior modifications so that the parrot does “not” have to be re-homed due to undesirable behaviors.

We also work very closely with our avian vets to ensure the best health for each bird coming in regardless of their situation.

Birdline operates with funds generated during our fundraising events and through donations sent in by generous supporters and adoption fees and our own personal resources.

We provide financial help to those who may need some assistance with their vet care – we don’t want them to surrender the bird if we can help keep it in their home.  We provide food and toys for others who may need some assistance and we have done emergency boarding on numerous occasions while families have had to transition – sometimes up to 6 months.

We stand by the code and ethics of the Animal Protection Act :

As taken from the Alberta Protection Act (APA) website http://www.albertaspca.org/

Definition of distress

The Act states that an animal is in distress if it is
(a) deprived of adequate shelter, ventilation, space, food, water or veterinary care or reasonable protection from injurious heat or cold,
(b) injured, sick, in pain or suffering, or
(c) abused and subjected to undue hardship, privation or neglect.

The provisions for ventilation and space mean that animals kept in holding facilities are entitled to fresh air and sufficient room to carry out normal activities. The term “veterinary” is to clarify the type of care, and to ensure that animals receive proper medical attention when needed.

The requirement for reasonable protection from injurious heat or cold makes it an offense to fail to protect animals from extreme temperatures. The type of protection varies according to species, and sometimes by breeds within a single species. However, all species require some form of protection from the elements. Dogs left outdoors, for example, need a degree of protection dependent on their breed hardiness. Some livestock species such as pigs require enclosed structures, while windbreaks are acceptable for cattle and horses.

Animal care duties

The Act delineates the duties that must be carried out by anyone who owns or looks after an animal – i.e., they must:

(a) ensure that the animal has adequate food and water,
(b) provide the animal with adequate care when the animal is wounded or ill,
(c) provide the animal with reasonable protection from injurious heat or cold, and
(d) provide the animal with adequate shelter, ventilation and space.

This section was created as part of the amendments to the Act in 2006 and corresponds to the expanded definition of distress. By placing the duties in positive terms, it clearly defines the responsibilities of an animal owner and presents them in comprehensible terms. Rather than having to prove an animal is in distress, failure to perform these duties is now enough to be considered an offense. For instance, it’s much easier to see that an animal is not being given water to drink than to show that it is in distress from dehydration.

Birdline Parrot Rescue also follows the guidelines put forth by the Alberta Privacy Protection Act also known as FOIP – http://www.servicealberta.ca/foip/  and does not disclose the names of any individuals surrendering, fostering or adopting without their expressed written consent.   Those individuals who “choose” to make themselves known on any social media due so at their own discretion.

Birdline Parrot Rescue WILL share photos and medical information pertaining to parrots that come into us for educational purposes and when said birds are available for adoption.

If you have any questions/concerns/comments please feel free to email us at anytime.

Contact: info@birdline.ca

Phone: 587-777-2473

Birdline Parrot Rescue is located in Calgary, AB.

Our mailing address is:

Box 90027 Madigan RPO
Calgary, AB, T2A 7Y8