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“MANTRA” Eleonora Cockatoo




What can I say about this sweet girl.  She was a one owner bird and relinquished when she took a dislike to the new husband – since that time – Mantra makes it VERY clear she does not tolerate men at all.  You can be in the same room as her, but if she climbs off her stand, the chase will be on!

Mantra is a seasonal chewer – she doesn’t pluck her feathers, but has been known to chew them off during the night – at some points of the year she truly resembles a little chicken – no tail feathers and most of her flight feathers are missing.  Once the later part of spring comes in (about now)she starts the growing again.

Mantra has never flown due to no feathers and as a result can be a bit clumsy when trying to launch herself.  She has had 3 bad falls and with every fall she had a seizure.  These were pretty scary for everyone and as a result she should not be allowed up ontop  of high cupboards/high playstands/ledges of any kind etc.  Its unknown if the seizures were the cause of the falls or the falls were the cause of the seizures.

She doesn’t like all women she meets, but if you have cockatoo experience, confidence and patience, she may be a great match.

She sleeps in a separate sleep cage and does go to bed abit earlier than the other birds – a girl needs her beauty rest!

Please contact us if you are interested in meeting her.


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  • Hahaha she sounds like my U2; except for the falling bit. My U2 will gladly attack if she knows it will bring me over for a rescue :/

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