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“AMIGO” Goffin Cockatoo




Amigo is approximately 11 – 12 years old and has been with us now for over 5 years.  Unfortunately this boy was bounced around in 4 homes in the matter of 9 months due to some pretty aggressive behaviors. As he was just turning 5 at the time, he discovered he had hormones and redirected towards anyone – male/female – young/old – it didn’t matter.

Amigo has an exuberant personality – he has a love/hate relationship with newspaper and its best to never let him on you with a piece in his mouth.  He is hand tame and loves attention (scared of sticks to this day)and stays pretty far away from other birds unless hes on the floor and they fly down to him.  He does sleep in a separate sleep cage or he WILL scream all night.  He lets you know when its time for bed and strangely enough we cannot keep this bird up and playing past 7 pm – he will become increasingly aggressive/vocal and plain grumpy – so off to bed he goes.

He stopped fussing with his feathers years ago and to this day has never shown signs of over barbering/plucking/tearing/shredding and is in perfect feather.  We have had to keep him clipped during hormone season as he can be quiet aggressive and fly to bite – this is a behavior we have been working on for a long length of time.

With his personality quirks, he needs to be with someone who has experience with goffins.  With the right combination of love/attention/boundaries and alot of love, Amigo could be a great addition to a mature family.


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  • Anna I have my two little ones booked for checkups but it won’t happen until Wednesday May 29.

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