Adopted Parrots

Cosmo, Spirit: Cockatiels




Cosmo and Spirit were surrendered to us when their owner got a warning from their landlord that the screaming birds had to go or they would be evicted.

Spirit is an AMAZING 4 yr old female cockatiel and is by far the biggest girl we have, she weighs in at 138 grams and the average weight is 85 – 100 grams.  She has a very healthy appetite and eats everything, she is also unique in that she is only one of 3 tiels we have that actually holds food in her foot.

Cosmo is a grey male 3 1/2 yr old cockatiel with a yellow face and just as sweet as Spirit, they have been together for over 2 yrs and we request that they remain together as they do appear bonded and are together at all times during eating/playing/napping and when they enjoy their flight time.

They are not screamers and have enjoyed being in the flight with the other birds, they would adapt well to a flight aviary with other cockatiels.  Spirit has laid a few eggs that we have removed and we have never witnessed any mating behaviors.

They came with a very small inadequate cage and a cage would need to be provided for them.

They have been health cleared by our Avian Vet.