Adopted Parrots

Cricket: Senegal

 March 27/2012 – “ADOPTION PENDING” 

Hi everyone!!!
My name is Cricket and I am a 51/2 – 6 yr old African Senegal.
As you can see by my photo, I am a veryyyyyy beautiful boy ( I have not had the DNA test to verify this yet).
I have been working really hard since coming to Birdline to learn how to do alot of different things, and one of them is how to talk/sing in a “quiet” voice, and so far I have done amazingly well at this!!!
I was very vocal in my other home because I was super duper bored and I am learning all kinds of new things and am so busy now that I don’t really have time to screech, although when you go out and come back home, I am sooo happy to see you I do yell out – Hi baby – followed by a really neat sounding screech, I like it, and I probably will do that most of the time, so I hope you don’t live in an apt or duplex because I really think the sound of my voice is unique and even though I don’t do it very much, I get so excited sometimes I can’t contain myself!
I’ve also learned how much fun paper is to shred and those little wood blocks/balls to chew on are the best toys ever, I like to make little sawdust/woodchip piles.
I’ve been trying different foods and have to say I think I like it all!! I am not to sure about peppers yet, but dried chilli peppers are soooo good, I ate a great big one for breakfast.  After eating I had a bath in my water bowl, I’m kind of silly that way, but I do love to have showers – with you – my bowl is okay and spray bottles are okay, but I really like to play with my human in the shower, its loads of fun!
I also learned something else very scarey but very cool – I can FLY!!!!!  I wasn’t sure what direction to go because there was so much to see, so I went to the top of the cupboard and took a rest until they came and took me down, that was pretty scarey! I also landed on someones house that was not mine and thankfully they didn’t bite my toes, I don’t know that other birds may want to be so friendly with me, so I had to have a wee wing clip to keep me safe, but the feathers are starting to grow out again and pretty soon I will practice that whole flying thing again and see if I can behave this time 🙂
My other house was not very good, it was pretty small so I got a temporary one to use for now and even though its about the right size, they say its a bit old and that I really should have my very own special house, if you already have a nice house for me, thats GREAT, and if you don’t, you will probably have to get me one before I come home to you unless we find another one thats super like me!   I like to be tucked in by 9 pm and I like to whisper a bit before I fall asleep, I’m awake about 7 – 7:30 am.
Right now, I like everybody I’ve met so far, I can be silly when I’m in my cage though, if you try to pet me through the bars, I may nip at you, but mostly I am very calm and love to sit with you, and sometimes, I even fall forward and lay down on your chest for some scritches!!!! Especially if your a guy!!!! I realllly like the guys more than the girls 🙂
I went to see the avian doctor and I am a very healthy parrot and I’m all ready to find my new forever home, could it be yours?