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Joey: Goffin Cockatoo

Hi everyone!!!!

My name is Joey and I am approximately 30 – 35 yrs “young”, we’re not 100% sure how old I am but really, I am young at heart!!
In my previous foster home I was pretty well behaved – most of the time – but still needed something in my life and I wasn’t quite sure what it was, I became very very vocal and the screaming was my way of telling people I was bored and needed something else but even I wasn’t to sure what that was!
Right now I LOVE LOVE LOVE my harrisons pellets and eat 1/2 a bowl full everyday! I have also learned to like those weird things they call fruit and vegetables and have decided I really do adore berries, the more the better, and even though I do make a HUGE mess with them, and my beak and feet are red/purple, they are really good for me and with each passing day I am learning to eat more things and its really not as scarey as I first thought it was!
I also like to chew toys, and even though big ones are scarey, if you show them to me slowly and play with them yourself, I might just give it a try. I have successfully mastered the art of undoing ANY clip you put in my cage, and its great fun to undo quick links and watch the toys fall, I love to do this and will be getting some great toys soon that are made with nuts/bolts, I will let you know what I think of them!
I have been learning how to have fun with clicker training and unshelled sunflower seeds, my foster mom taught me some really cute things and I like to do them all at one time, but that can sometimes make me fall off my cage, I am rather silly when I get playing!!
And wow, I actually learned what these wings are for recently!! I have never flown before and this was a rather new/scarey concept, I had a few crash landings and went onto other cages – which I”m told is a big NO NO, but I am slowly learning how to get around so much better and I don’t normally go on other cages, but if I do, when I see the other bird inside it, I quickly leave again!!! I have learned so many great things since I started to fly and being independent has also been teaching me how to not be so afraid of so many things!
I LOVE to sleep and have been sleeping in my house with a cover, I need to be tucked in by 9 at the latest everyday or I will talk lots and lots and lots and show you how loud my voice can really go!
I am also learning what step up means, I am a bit stubborn right now and sometimes will and sometimes won’t, you will need alot of patience with teaching me and alot of my favorite treat. I do like to cuddle and preen your hair and sometimes give your ear a nip – just to remind you that I am still there 🙂
I also decided that I really like the company of other birds, I was feeling a bit lonely being the big boss in my other house and now that I have so many flock mates – wow – I love talking to them and watching them play and eat and I am learning to do the things that they do, its so neat!
I am looking for a new companion who understands the quirky ways of a goffin cockatoo – thats me! – and who has loads of patience and a big bag of (unshelled) sunflower seeds 🙂 If you have other birds, thats great, as long as they are big like me or even bigger!! I don’t want to play with them, but I LOVE being around them 🙂 I would like it best if you have experience with my kind of bird :):)
Please email us and we would love to come and meet you and see if your the perfect forever home for me!
Oh, and yes, I have been to see the special doctor(Avian Vet)and she says I am in great health and very handsome for my age 🙂

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  • Janet Ennis

    OMG!!!!! Joey looks sooooooo good you guys!!!!!! I would not have known he was the same little naked baby I saw a while ago.I used to think he was Helen’s twin in another life LOL!

    Good Job you guys!!!!!

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