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Hope – A very special parrot

This little sweetheart is our newest arrival – she came here clinging to life – weighing in at a mere 66 grams (most cockatiels range in weight from 92 – 110 grams)she was malnourished and very weak – and with a distinct disadvantage – she is “blind“…

She was born this way as the orbits never formed – shes quite young at approximately 4 – 6 months old and is most likely a victim of inbreeding.

Sadly, the breeder “still” wanted money for this chick and sold her to someone who had no idea what to do for her – she made 3 homes in less than 3 weeks dropping weight fast as she would not eat the seed being offered – she was most likely force weaned and shoved out the door.

We have been able to successfully hand feed her which has enabled her to gain weight and she has started foraging on her own and now has an apetite and eats almost everything shes given with the exception of seeds, while she loves millett, she will not eat any brand of cockatiel seed – thats not such a bad thing.

Her hearing has progressed as it was thought she may be deaf, but is actually very attuned to the sounds around her.

She loves to spend time now preening her feathers and she is starting her first ever molt – she needs to remain clipped for obvious reasons.

Her name is “Hope“…

Update June 29/09

There is now suspision that she is actually a “he” but we have not dna tested to verifty this.  She has started to whistle/sing and talk, and is an amazing little bird.

When the other tiels fly about, she tends to try and follow them, her instinct is there, but she forgets she cannot see – while she is clipped, she still runs into things – for this reason, she would do best on her own – she is a very cuddly bird and would let you scritch her for hours on end.

A caring/loving home has been found for this special needs bird.

In Loving Memory…

We are very sad to report that “Hope” aka “Mikey” passed away suddenly on Aug 29 in a tragic accident.

This amazing bird had touched many many lives while here and she will be remembered with love and gratitude – she taught people that its “ok” to be different and even with her handicap, she was able to adapt and loved life..

To her adoptive family – she was blessed to have had an amazing/loving home for the remainder of her days and we are forever grateful that you took her into your home and hearts and could see past her disability and loved her so very much..

Come, and let us return to the Lord: for He has torn, but He will heal us: He has stricken but He will bind us up.

Hosea 6:1

As her sight was restored, she made a perfect landing in the Gardens of Heaven…

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  • as her SIGHT was restored not site.

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