In Loving Memory

Gracie,Sadie,Billy: Cockatiels

(Photos to come)

Gracie, Sadie and Billie came into us just over a year ago in very poor condition.

These 3 cockatiels had been living in a larger cage with no toys, inadequate food/water, no toys and no human interaction, their food when given was tossed onto the floor of the cage and was never changed, at the time of surrender, the cage floor was about 4 inches high with old seed/waste and the smell was incredible.

All 3 suffered from various injuries to their nares/eyes/feet and Sadie endured a broken leg at one point that was never corrected, as a result the ligament did not heal and the leg cannot be repaired, she is slightly crippled but does get around ok with no pain.

All 3 cockatiels are “wild” by nature, they cannot be handled and attempts to do so result in frantic wing flapping and trying to escape from you, this can be dangerous as wings/feathers get caught in the bars etc etc.

Billy is by far the most fearful of humans and will attack mercilessly when you capture him, his bites are deep and he does not let go.  Billie is living in the flight aviary with the other cockatiels and loves it in there, he settled in really good away from his sisters and is not aggressive to the other birds, he actually will leave a confrontation.

Gracie and Sadie currently share a cage and seem to be adjusting to the absence of Billy just fine.  We are now able to open the door and change food/water/paper and toys without to much fuss, towelling them for nail trims is rather tricky and does require an experienced person to do this.

Billy is solid grey with a yellow face

Gracie is a solid yellow.

Sadie is a pied (light)yellow.

An ideal situation for these 3 beauties would be in a very large flight aviary with some supervision for Sadie to ensure she can get around safely and comfortably with her leg.

All 3 birds have been health cleared by our Avian Vet.


Sadly, Gracie passed away suddenly a few months ago.  Billy is on his own and has retained his 100% wild instincts.  Sadie is still shy of people, but with continued love/attention and much patience, she could learn to trust even more.