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Female Blue and Gold Macaw looking for love…

This 20 plus year old girl is looking for a mature family with a female owner. She has demonstrated a lack of trust with pretty much everyone she has met so far.

She has learned to trust me but still shows very protective behavior over her cage/playstand and sometimes the counter top. She was hormonal and then stopped, and has since began searching all over the house for a place to hide/dig/scratch.

Training is ongoing with her as she is a typical macaw with some bullying behaviors which she tests on a daily basis. Watching and learning body language is going to be important with this bird as her bites can be very painful!!

She does NOT like other birds, and CANNOT share her home with any other birds. She will climb down her cage and go onto other cages and attack – with the exception of Ricky the resident BG macaw – she has a very strong dislike for all cockatoos.

She has slowly transitioned to a healthy diet and is eating more veges but can still be very picky with certain foods. She is eating 2 different kinds of zupreem pellets with some Harrisons and loves her walnuts/pistachios and hazelnuts.

She has a HUGE cage which measures 36 deep x 45 wide x 80 tall at the center (3 dome cage) and would need a large area for it. It MUST be away from your walls as she will redecorate those and ingesting drywall is not a healthy thing for her.

This bird will require multiple visits with her prospective new owner and experience with macaws is going to be required.

As she can be very loud at times, she must be in a house and not a shared dwelling.

She is still hand shy but with consistent training she is now able to step up on a perch.

Please fill out the application form on our webpage if you are interested in her.

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If you currently own birds, what do you use to clean the cage with?
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Should the bird be on an all seed diet?
Are you familiar with the different varieties of pellets for birds?
Should birds be given any vitamin supplements – either for their overall health or their feather condition?
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If the bird bites your spouse/child, how will you handle that situation:
Please list the things you hope to achieve with the adoption of this bird and what you will do to ensure the best quality of life possible.

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  • Curtis

    She is so beautiful. You are fabulous people to care so much

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