Adopted Parrots

Tweety,Ebony,Alfie: Cockatiels

(Photos to come)

We had 5 cockatiels come into us that had lived together for almost 17 years, the owner suddenly passed away and the family were unsure what to do and asked us to take them.

Unfortunately some of the birds were in medical distress and one passed away and another one is currently suffering with gout/bumble foot and arthritis.

Of the five, there are 3 available for adoption.

Alfie is the oldest of the five at 17 years old!  This little guy is an incredibly lovable bird and loves nothing more than sitting and having his head scritched and if you take to long to pay attention he will give you a little jab to remind you.  He is a solid grey with some yellow on his face.

Ebony is an endearing little Male cockatiel also grey with a white face. He has bonded to another female and they shared a few eggs(we don’t allow hatching). Away from the other tiels he is a great guy and would do fine as a single bird or in a flock.

Tweety is also a sweet little girl who is about 15 years old and is a yellow pied.  Of the three she is by far the MOST affectionate and also the most bossy, the first to the food bowl, birdie mash and the first to fly over to you for cuddles.

The bird were housed in a large aviary but unfortunately the perches were not quiet suited and consisted of wooden dowels, as a result all the birds do show signs of some bumble foot but with the correct perches added to their flight they are able to move around and walk quite comfortably.

Their diet is mostly nutriphase cockatiel seed with some pellets(which they play with more than they eat)but they do love ALL green veges with kale being their most favorite.

They do not play with toys very much but do enjoy beaded toys with shreddable paper that we make weekly for them.

They would do best in a home without small children as being seniors they do at times get startled by the sudden movements around them.  They are not scared of smaller dogs but do not like cats near their cage.

They are currently in a large flight and did not come to us with a cage, a large cage would need to be provided for them.

We would love to see them all go together, but we are willing to allow them to go seperately as they do not appear to be bonded to each other and are currently separated at this time.

They have been health cleared by our Avian Vet.