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Coco: Eclectus

Hi Everyone!

My name is Coco and I am a 28 – 30 year old female SI Eclectus.
I have lived in many different places over the course of my life and never had a “forever” home that was all my own.

Being an Eclectus, I am very special and a bit different inside than other parrots. I have the longest intestine and absorb more things from food than other birds, it stays in my tummy alot longer and when I poop, wow, its a big one! hahaha

I guess noone had a real idea of what I should eat or how much so I was given everything I wanted, and I did love the crackers/chips/pizza/pop and other human type food, but unfortunately it made me sick but we didn’t know that until I got to Birdline.
I had something funny go on inside my body and started to have weird things the animal doctor called “seizures”, they thought maybe it was because I lay so many eggs and maybe one broke or didn’t form inside a shell, but an xray showed I had a boo boo in my heart, my heart is bigger than it should be and I was also very overweight, this was because I ate to many french fries 🙁
Not long after this, my toes starting doing weird things and at times so did my wings, it was very annoying, the animal doctor said it was “toe tapping/wing flapping” and something us special birds tend to do when we eat the wrong stuff and our body doesn’t like it. Over the course of a few months, my diet was always changing but we figured out that I shouldn’t have large amounts of corn and I can’t eat harrisons pellets, those two things make me toe tap really bad!
I love to play on the floor with boxes and different kinds of toys and love to chew cardboard down there. I don’t play in my cage very much, I usually just sit there and make different cooing sounds, I don’t talk and I don’t scream, if I ever scream, you better come and see whats wrong because thats the only time I do that, when I have a boo boo.
I don’t like other animals and will chase them away or bite them and I don’t like little feet around my boxes/toys, I would not be a good friend for a family with small children, I don’t really like them and they move to fast! If I have to share a home with other animals, make sure they are not around when I am playing and do not ever let another bird near me, I am a bit of a loner 🙂
I am what they call a chronic egg layer and our species is hormonal about 9 months out of a year!! I like to lay eggs and my behavior changes alot when this happens, I do like to sit on my egg and if you take it away to soon, I will lay another one. Because I have a small boo boo in my heart, laying eggs is not good for me so they let me keep it until I calm down a bit.

UPDATE – July 10/2011

Coco has continued to lay eggs and had some problems with her preen gland. In the course of three days, she has plucked herself almost totally bald with the exception of her wings – coco has never plucked in the years shes been with Birdline!

We had her into the vet asap for a complete workup and all tests came back normal with the exception of her calcium which was higher than normal due to the egg laying.We are changing her diet around, bathing her daily with aloe, changing her routine and monitoring her very closely.

You may still apply to adopt but she needs to remain in our care until further notice.

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  • How has Coco been doing lately? Just curious for another update. 🙂

  • How much are they??

    • Please email us directly to discuss the parrot/s you are interested in and the potential adoption fees.

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