Adopted Parrots

Buddha: Quaker Parrot

Hi everyone.

My name is Budha and I am a 9 year old male Quaker parakeet.

I used to have a pretty cool human but he had to go away and work in a different country and I was not allowed to go with him.

I came to Birdline almost 3 years ago and I am STILL looking for that perfect human!  I am a pretty friendly guy when I am away from my cage, and even though we have been working on my behavior, I still get pretty nippy when you try to take me off of it, I prefer to come to you and hop onto your arm/shoulder and than get a treat 🙂 I think thats why its been a bit harder for me to find a perfect human – I tend to be a bit more nippy at times and for some reason, humans don’t like that very much!

I eat pellets as my main diet and do like fruit/veges sometimes, and the only time I ever get any seeds is when I am working – meaning – when my human wants me to do something or is trying to teach me new tricks, maybe they think I am a dog! haha We get this thing called “fatty liver disease” if we eat to much fatty stuff and quakers loveeeeeeee fatty food!! I will try to get a bite everytime you eat something by me and I am starting to ask “canna have a bite” its pretty darn funny!

I live beside another quaker who talks all day long, he doesn’t shut up so instead of screaming at him, which I used to do, I now talk back to him, although I sort of copied what he says, I am learning how to talk “quaker talk” and I must admit, I have a pretty cute voice!

I would love to have my own family who could love me as I am, I do pluck my feathers and maybe caused some permanent damage on my neck area, but this habit has been mine for so long that its very hard to break(almost 6 years). I can be nippy mostly on my cage and sometimes when you try to pinch my pin feathers.
I do love to cuddle on your should though and if you have long hair, I will preen it for you and I do this “purr” when I am really happy.

I would love to live with a human who has some experience, with my species or maybe a larger conure or even amazon experience, I can’t go to a home that has no experience cause we both might get boo boos.

If you are my perfect human, please fill out an application and we would love to come and meet you!


Buddha number 2


We have another quaker parrot available for adoption who is ironically named Buddha as well.

SHE is approximately 2 1/2 years old.

She has a very sweet personality and her foster mom has been working hard with her to change some extreme cage aggression.

Her diet has improved and she is now eating a variety of fruits/veges and pellets.  She is not plucking and spends her day weaving leather lace/rope throughout her entire cage.

Her cage/toys and all accessories are included in her adoption fee.

Both quakers have been cleared and deemed healthy via our Avian Vet at Calgary Avian & Exotic Pet Clinic.