Adopted Parrots

Joey Sunshine


We’re thrilled to say that Joey has found a new loving family!!!!!!!!!!!!!


This cutie pie is NOT a Birdline bird, but we have offered to share his information on our web and fb pages for the owner in hopes that he may find a new loving family before she leaves the country next week.  Please contact the owner directly as per her email shown below.

Joey Sunshine is about ten years old (I think we got him in the winter of 2001/2002).
He loves to walk up your arm and sit on your shoulder or head.
He loves to swing like crazy on his swing.
He LOVES blonde girls or ladies (because he is used to living with with them) but he loves everyone. He just doesn’t like hands “invading” his cage!
I am relocating overseas and haven’t been able to find a home for him. I want to find someone who will love him and will make him happy. He is a really sweet bird and I want to make sure he is taken good care of. He does come with his cage. Please contact me ASAP if your interested in this sweet boy!!