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Pacco: African Grey

Hi Everyone!!

My name is Pacco and I am about 25 years old.  I started a bad habit of plucking my feathers out about 15 years ago and I’m trying really hard to break that habit.  I have alot of new toys and wood blocks and ohhhh my goodness, PHONEBOOKS are simply the best thing in the world to shred, I LOVE LOVE LOVE them and chew them up every single day!

After a few months I learned how great fruit and vegetables are, and I have them every single day along with harrisons pellets, I used to eat about 1 cup a day of peanuts and 1/2 cup of sunflower seeds, its surprising that my featherbutt isn’t any bigger than it is!!  I now eat 2 peanuts, and a tiny bit of seed mix in my breakfast and I think I feel so much better as I have tons of energy and I am learning new phrases and songs.

Did I mention how much I talk? I love to laugh, if you think its funny, I will to! and even if its not funny, I will still laugh. I speak a few different languages and sing some really cute songs. I don’t always talk on command, but I do errr..well, blow wind if you will 🙂 okay okay, I like to fart!! That is simply the best sound along with laughing!

My perfect new family will have african grey experience, I am for sure not a first time parrot for anyone as I have had some issues to overcome, and I need someone with confidence – I am finally learning what that word means and I am getting more secure and self confident myself!!

If you think you can provide me with that “feathever” home, please contact us!

I don’t mind other birds to much if they are far from my cage, but when I get nervous/stressed, I rip out my feathers 🙁  I have had a hard time meeting that ” special” someone who has the time and patience and understanding I need.

If you are interested in Pacco, please visit the guardianship page and submit and application.  Thanks 🙂

Pacco's new cage!
Pacco’s new cage!

5 thoughts on “Pacco: African Grey

  • CarleyMckenzie

    Hi i was wondering how i would go about appling to adopt this little guy .Thanks

  • I have it on good authority that Pacco now has a very nice 32″x23″ playtop cage!

  • Crystal

    He is beautiful! Is he still available for foster or adoption? We would like to meet him. We have 2 very spoiled birdies. A senegal and a parrotlet! I have always been in love with African greys, and rescue/ adoption seems like the right thing to do. I have read countless books on various parrot species, and understand the patience it takes with these creatures! If he’s not available, I would consider a possible foster of a bird. I have the space for a large cage if you need help!

    • Hi there,

      I did reply to this post and just wondered if you had gotten the email yet? As per the email, please go to the guardianship page and at the bottom you will find application forms, once we have that, we can set up a time to come and meet you and your family and discuss possibly guardianship and/or fostering.
      Thanks 🙂

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