Adopted Parrots

Marlee: Green Cheek Conure

Hi everyone!

My name is Marlee and I am Green Cheek Conure, my birthday is coming up in a few months and I will be turning 2 years old.

I lived in a petstore for a while and than was purchased as a companion to a Black Capped Conure, we lived together for almost a year and got along very well!! I would love to meet and play with another bird my size as I reallllllly want to be friends with ALL birds, but the bigger birds are dangerous for me to play with so I will settle for a friend more my size so that I don’t get hurt 🙂

I LOVEEEE to snuggle and feel much more safe when you hold me close to you, if you wave your arms around I get startled and will fly away – my wings were clipped when I got to Birdline because I just didn’t know where to go and flew all over the place and it was very dangerous for me!!  Since than I am growing out my wing feathers and can fly again – not to the ceiling but pretty darn close! I think it would be best to keep me clipped for awhile in my new home so that I can learn my way around without getting into trouble 🙂 Did I mention I like to crawl up into your sweater? or inside your shirt? its so nice and warm and cozy in there, its my favorite place right now! I also love to sleep inside my cozyhut, if your looking for me and can’t see me playing, I bet you will see my tail sticking out of my bed!

I recently learned how to eat alot of different fruit and veges and those hard things called pellets, they are actually pretty good and taste even better when I dunk them in my water! I like to have baths in there to so you will have to make sure to check my water every day..sometimes more :):)

I’ve been to the bird doctor and she says I am in great health, I do have a leg band, and we’re still deciding if we want to take that off, braceletes are kind of cool, but can be very dangerous to an active bird like me if I get it caught on a toy or something!

I am a bit shy at first, but if you go slow with me, I will snuggle right in and be your friend!!

If your interested in meeting me, please contact us: and we will set up a time to come and meet each other!! I can’t wait to find my “forever” home, will it be yours?

Love, Marlee

Nov 27 – ***** ADOPTION PENDING *****