Adopted Parrots





Please meet Lucy , they are 2 of approximately 24 birds from a hoarding situation last year.

These two Lutino beauties were in a foster to adopt program and their family was transferred out of the country, they were devestated at not being able to take these two with them and had to return them to Birdline, we of course wish them all the very best in their travels and can’t wait for the photos/videos they will be sending to us once they arrive in Australia!

They are both around 1 1/2 years old and have finished their first moult which allows us to determine gender.

Lucy did have some eye issues last year – similair to conjunctivitis – her foster mom was able to administer eye drops off and on over the course of the summer and while it has cleared up, the eye still remains a bit larger/redder than the other one, there is a slight chance that she will require saline drops to keep the eye moist.

Both birds enjoy the company of each other very much but do have little spats once in a while, so an extra cage would be recommended.

As they were quite wild prior to arriving to us, they have come along way in learning to trust humans and love to sit on your shoulder and hang out. James loves his scritches so much now he will actually lay down on his back in the palm of your hand!!

Notes from the foster home:

James is a quirky little bird. He loves to sing – alone, with music or serenading whoever is in the room – and dance to his own music or whatever is on the radio. He’s already shuffling, hopping and bobbing his head, and it’s entertaining to watch him try out new moves (he’s tried doing his dance moves with his wings spread out but he kept losing his balance). He is very inquisitive and will often climb off your shoulder to get a different view of what you’re holding if it’s something new or he hasn’t seen before. James loves being scratched on the back of the neck and cheeks, and will even fall asleep in your hand. 

Lucy is a quiet, shy cockatiel. Although she occasionally sings, she usually spends most of her time grinding her beak or playing with shredding toys. She may take a while to warm up to someone but once she does she will happily sit on your shoulder, grinding her beak quietly. Lucy is quite curious – you’ll notice her closely watching anything you do, even she is across the room in her cage. Lucy does not like to be pet (or at least not in our experience with her) but she does enjoy being hand fed and will try new foods.

August updates:

A few months ago we noticed some subtle changes in James behavior and continued to watch/monitor him – and over the course of a few weeks and a vet visit, we have determined that James has gone blind.  We do not know if he had partial sight at the beginning or full sight, but he was able to fly and get around just fine, as of now, he cannot.  As James cannot see, he does not know to move when another bird should want his spot and it would seem that his sister Lucy attacked him and caused some pretty severe eye trauma, this has since cleared up with medication and has healed, but as a result, we have separated James and he now lives alone in a cage that we do not alter as he finds away around now by “feel”.  We will do up separate biographies on both birds as they are no longer adoptable as a “pair”.