Adopted Parrots





Hi everyone,

My name is James, and I am a very special boy.  I have a sister named Lucy but I am unable to live in the same cage with her anymore and shes decided she sort of likes my brother Hunter much better than me now.

I am almost 2 years old and something odd has happened to me in the past few months.  I slowly went blind.  I used to be able to see some shapes, but I bang into things all the time now so I’m not seeing shapes so much anymore.

I have a smaller cage and my bowls/perches are set up in a way that I can always find them by “feeling” for them with my beak, you can’t move those around or I will get confused and panic, I also need to have my wings clipped because I can’t see where I’m going and I run into everything, that’s pretty dangerous for a handsome guy like me.  When you learn how to handle me (its realllly easy)I do love to sit on your shoulder and snuggle for some tv/cuddle time!

I love talking to and listening to the other birds and I LOVE sitting in the afternoon sunbean,  its my favorite time of the day!! And did I mention how beautiful I sing? I think I have the most amazing voice ever!!

If you think you have the time for a special needs bird like me, and you don’t have any little people/hands to grab at me or startle me in my cage, please contact us for an interview/or more information on having me join your family 🙂