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Pandora – Blue Fronted Amazon



Meet Pandora 0r Pandi for short.  This sweet girl is at minimum 27 years old.  Shes been at Birdline for approximately 1 weeks and is still settling in with her new surroundings, the different sights/sounds and a new cage she is still getting accustomed to.

We are currently working on introducing new and exciting foods to her, many of them she hasn’t seen before and being a typical amazon “stubborn” she is taking a bit of time warming up to the various foods being offered.  Pellets have also been introduced and so far she merely gives them the evil eye.

Typical behavior of Amazons is a stubborn nature and a one person bird, they tend to like their favoured human and the rest are simply dismissed.  We have found this so far with Pandy’s behavior, and at this particular moment she is strictly a hands off bird and does not ask for any interactions with any male and/or female at this time, although she now greets you when you enter the room and does talk – she really has a cute zon voice!!  We believe with alot of time/patience and love she will learn to trust and be accepting of humans.



As you can see by the above photo, Pandora does have an issue with her feet, this lesion is located on both of her feet and has been causing her a bit of an issue with sitting for extended periods of time in one place.  She does have softer rope perches in her cage but is still to nervous  to perch on them.

Her health exam has shown that she is Vitamin A deficient and she has since received a Vit A injection and we continue to give her Vit A daily – she is also on an oral anti-biotic along with milk thistle due to high numbers found in her liver count.  After a course of a few weeks, we will than have another blood panel done to determine if her liver values have gone back down to acceptable levels.

She will need an experienced Amazon guardian, she is most definitely not a bird for a first time parrot owner.



As Pandi becomes less fearful, we will continue to introduce new toys for her, at this time she is still very nervous of new things and becomes quite agitated so we will continue to work on the introduction at her pace and we ‘re hopeful that by the time she has her blood work redone, her cage will be nice and full with exciting things to play with!


After almost 7 months with Birdline, Pandi has swung back and forth with her diet, while she does like some pellets, she is craving more seeds/pistachios and Caitec cookies.  Some days she likes veges/fruits, and other days she does not.

Unfortunately, her behavior has not been as positive as we had hoped, she has a very strong dislike to most women which makes handling/interacting physically almost impossible.  She allows me to give her head scritches while in her cage, but once out, she’s in full attack mode.  She is now stick trained so moving her around to different perches is not as hard as it was previously, she also has had to remain fully clipped due to her attacking.  Her medical hold is now up and she is available for adoption.

If interested please refer to /guardianship/ and when we have your application, we will set up a time for you to come and meet her.  As she is not hand tame at this time, you will need to come here to meet her and you must be EXPERIENCED before we move forward with a meeting.

Dec update: Pandi has been in foster care since mid summer and continues to do well. She is still very temperamental and will let you know when she does or does not want to do something. Her incredibly patient foster mom has taken a few good bites from  her but continues to work on positive reinforcement.


2 thoughts on “Pandora – Blue Fronted Amazon

  • One thing I found with my zon when trying to introduce new food was to use the favorite person (when she picks one) to eat it by her and model how good it is. lol Funny – but it works.

    • Thanks for sharing that Kelly! So far she hasn’t chosen a favourite human, she tries to bite me now every chance she can, I pretend to eat everything before I give it to her and while she will take it, she tries to bite in the process and than starts mumbling, I catch myself chuckling and have to STOP doing that or she will think what shes doing is a good thing lol but they truly have the cutest mumbles/grumbles don’t they.

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