Health and Nutrition

Handicapped Birds

For those of us who share our lives with companion parrots, we know that accidents CAN and DO happen – its how we handle them that will make the difference in how the bird recovers.

Most accidents are just that – “accidental” – are most preventable – yes – they are – in hindsight we always tell ourselves “if only I had….” and you fill in the blanks with what you should have done..after the accident is not the time to dwell on “what ifs” and knock ourselves out with a massive guilt trip – it doesn’t serve any purpose – and that energy used to contain the remorse we feel NEEDS to be transferred to the bird whose life is now altered – its our job now to ensure we do everything that needs to be done to help them to adapt to the changes in their life.

These pages will not be a replacement for veterinary advice – please seek out medical attention ASAP if your bird suffers a tragic accident – these pages WILL offer support and advice “after” the bird is home with you.

The experiences that are shared are actual events that happened and will offer diet advice/cage modifications/behaviorial issues that arise and support in any way we can.

These will include : beak loss

: toe loss

: complete toe loss(all 8 digits gone)

: blindness

: wing loss

The articles will be forthcoming.  If you wish to share your story, and what you did to accomodate your bird, please forward the information to – no names will be used but the methods you found that worked, will be shared.

Quality of life CAN be restored – don’t give up and don’t despair….

If you need to talk about your situation – please email.