Health and Nutrition

Healthy Food


Example of a fruit/vege diet that all parrots can enjoy…we use this for all the parrots including the smaller cockatiels.

Remember to thoroughly wash “all” fresh fruits/veges prior to using.

1. Greens – Swiss chard(comes in a variety of colors and I found our birds loved the colored ones more than the plain ones), mustard greens, fresh herbs, French sorrel, cilantro, parsley, kale, collard greens, carrot tops, endive, escarole.

2. Vegetables – celery, bell peppers, zucchini, cucumber, sprouts, cauliflower, kohlrabi, cabbage, shredded carrot, beets, green beans, etc.)

3. Broccoli – I have found they like both fresh and cooked – to cook it I put it in a bowl covered only 1/2 way with water and than saran wrap, I cook it about 4 mins – this way of cooking it actually steams it and doesn’t leave it soggy.
4. Vitamin A vegetables lightly cooked and chopped (banana squash, yams, carrots, all orange/red fruit and veges)

5. Cooked or uncooked pasta – I normally use whole wheat organic or whole wheat spaghetti, I don’t find that they really care for the uncooked pasta but do like to hear it crunch and play with it.

6. Cooked beans (soak overnight, then cook for 20 min). The 17 bean mixes are awesome to use and can be found at most grocery stores, I have noticed more health food stores are starting to stock them as well , or you can use your own mixture. Soybeans, including the popular Soak ‘n Cook mixes, must be cooked on their own for at least one hour..

7. Corn on the cob (sliced, then quartered), when in season – this can be purchased fresh and than frozen raw in seperate bags, when you defrost the bag – add about 2 tbsp water and defrost in microwave for about 4 mins – the steam will cook the corn.

8. Apples, chopped.

9. Citrus fruits, chopped (peel included)

10. Grapes, whole.
11. Frozen mixed vegetables – any variety. Frozen berries or fresh.

12. Strawberries – these should ONLY be 100% organic and washed/scrubbed.

When I prepare the bowls I try to layer the ingredients to encourage their natural instinctual desire to forage – it may take a few extra minutes but is well worth it.

I put the greens on the bottom(or frozen berries)with a small sprinkle of a good quality seed mix onto that, I will add the fresh veges next followed by the pasta and/or rice mix we use – than the citrus fruit ontop of this.

They get a whole almond(with shell)for breakfast and again at supper – peanuts are only offered as treats and in moderation.