Adopted Parrots

“Ivy” – Brown Headed Parrot

*****I’ve been adopted by a loving family******
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Ivy is a 6 year old female Brown Headed Parrot. She is a sweet little bird, but is quite nervous. I am hoping to rehome her to a family who can spend more time with her and help her come out of her shell. She likes to be around people and requires a fair bit of attention to feel happy.

She has her own cage with toys, dishes, perches, etc. She enjoys hanging out on top of her cage during the day and likes to have a blanket covering her cage overnight.

Ivy likes to eat Harrison pellets, nutriberries, nuts and fruits. She currently shares the house with 2 birds and a dog; she likes to be near the others but feels  frightened when they come to close. She is slow to warm up to new people, but is quite cuddly once she does!

She is due for her annual check up at Calgary Avian and Exotic Pet Clinic

Please contact me via email if you are interested in her and tell me a bit about yourself and any other pets you have in your home.

There will be a small adoption fee.