Adopted Parrots

Cockatiel and Budgie looking for a new family.

Four year old Cockatiel and his best friend who is also about 4 years old and is a sweet and endearing little budgie.

These two share their home together and follow each other throughout.  They are looking for a new family to call their own due to personal issues with their owner.  Both boys are fully vetted with the Avian Vet Clinic with regular checkups and eat a healthy diet.

If you are interested in these two, please contact us and ensure you have filled out an online application.

You will need to provide your own cage to house both of them in comfortably (we will not separate them).

(Photos to come)

Please indicate your type of residence.
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Do you own or rent your home?
If you rent, do you have permission from your landlord to house pets?
Who will be the primary caregiver?
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How old are your children?
How many hours a day will the bird be in his/her cage?
Do you currently have an Avian Vet
If yes what is his/her name/clinic name:
How often do you think a parrot should be seen by an Avian Vett?
If you currently own birds, what do you use to clean the cage with?
How often do you think the cage cleaning should be done?
How often should the bird be given fruit and/or vegetables?
Should the bird be on an all seed diet?
Are you familiar with the different varieties of pellets for birds?
Should birds be given any vitamin supplements – either for their overall health or their feather condition?
Do you have any concerns taking a bird outside?
Do you have other pets in the home:
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Based on your knowledge, please list all potential dangers in a home that could affect a parrot:
Where will the bird/s be placed while on vacation?
In the case of an emergency ie:broken blood feather/nail – do you know what to do? please explain.
If the bird bites your spouse/child, how will you handle that situation:
Please list the things you hope to achieve with the adoption of this bird and what you will do to ensure the best quality of life possible.