In Loving Memory

Wyatt and Petrie – Green Cheek Conures





Wyatt and Petrie are two green cheek conures looking for a foster and/or adoptive family.

They have been together for a minimum of 10 years and due to their history are still a bit shy of people.

They are both fully flighted and have only just started stepping up – they do get spooked easily however, so a quieter/calmer home would be best suited for them.

They are slowly becoming more curious of you and usually Wyatt will fly to you first – he won’t stay long but the fact hes “trying” is awesome to see!

They have NO fear of other birds and will land on-top of any cage and try to nip/pull feathers – regardless of the inhabitant inside the cage.


Petrie (pictured above)is the smaller of the two at 58 grams – and has been a plucker (we are told)for at least 10 years.  Blood work has ruled out anything medical and since being with us, we haven’t observed any plucking – its possible that he has been doing this for so long that the follicles are damaged. Time will tell.  There has been NO evidence that Wyatt has been pulling any of his feathers, so at this point we believe its self inflicted.


Wyatt is the bigger of the two at 72 grams and is also more accepting of stepping up and less nippy than Petrie.  He is getting much more animated and excited when you approach the cage and can’t wait to come out and play!

With time, love and patience, we believe these two will be an AMAZING addition to some lucky family. They have incredible personalities – are not aggressive by nature (just fear) and can be quite comical.

As the days progress they are continuing to make positive steps towards learning to trust again.

We are also looking for a bigger cage for them as they are currently in a cockatiel cage and would be much happier with more space!  If you have a gently used/dusty but NOT rusty cage that you no longer need, please send us an email 🙂

Please visit the guardianship page for the application.