2 thoughts on “Pacco checks out the birdie mash

    • Hi Kristen!

      The birdie mash is fun to make as you can add pretty much anything (bird safe) to it and change the ingredients if you find that your parrot/s don’t like certain things.

      When I do mine, I use a 14 bean soup mix (soak overnight before cooking, ensure the beans are cooked thoroughly) different kinds of wild rices, frozen veges, fresh veges (ones that will freeze well without going soggy)organic vege pasta, chick peas(soak overnight before cooking)quinoa (cooked according to directions)pumpkin (1 small can organic natural) and normally for fruit I will add a tiny bit of pineapple(cut into small pieces). During the height of hormone season we also add crushed(finely)eggshells, chopped almonds/walnuts and a tiny bit of shelled sunflower seeds. For the cockatiel mash I also add millet removed from the stem. This is a basic recipe but you can add almost anything you want to it, another fun thing they like is shredded carrots and spaghetti(cooked)noodles. I change it up every time I make a batch.

      If you want it more detailed(the exact recipe and amounts)just let me know 🙂

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