In Loving Memory

Mikey – Blue Crown Conure

2014-06-26 20.53.27



Mikey is a 20 year old Blue Crown Conure and is one of the 30 that came into Birdline on April 30th.  He has spent the majority of his life inside a cage with little socialization and is not hand tame at this time.

Mikey is learning to enjoy most fruit and veges and has started sampling some pellets – he also loves taking baths in his water dish.

Mikey can be VERY loud and vocal at times and is NOT recommended for shared dwelling housing.  He is still learning to come out of his cage on his own and is quite shy.

Mikey is still on a medical hold but we are accepting applications until his medical clearance.

Please fill out an online guardianship application if you are interested in adding this cutie pie to your family.