Adopted Parrots

Buddha: Quaker Parrot

Buddha is  approximately 10 years old.  He was in a foster home located outside Edmonton and came to Birdline about 2 years ago.

Buddha is a sweet quaker with typical “quakertude” – he can at times be a bit nippy when hes on his cage, but once off of it, he loves nothing more than to snuggle up on your shoulder, preen your hair/mustache/ear/and he LOVESSSS to try and take out your eyelashes!!

Unfortunately, he started plucking at about 2 years old and has never gotten over that habit, another common occurrence in quakers – due to the continued behaviour, he does have some follicle damage around his crop area and its likely those feathers will not regrow, he tends to over-preen and sort of looks disshelved in appearance, but we’re hopeful that with the right home, intense one on one interactions and a continued supply of shreddable toys that he may just start to leave those feathers alone.

His diet has always consisted of tropican pellets (the cockatiel sized ones)some millet and fresh fruit/vegetables, seeds are only given as treats and for training.

Buddha is a very sweet bird that needs his own family to love and be loved, he has started talking in the past year and mimics the conversations of the other quakers in residence, he has an adorable voice!!

Update May 19/2012:

BUDHA HAS FOUND HIS NEW FEATHEVER HOME!!! congratulations to both Budha and his new family, we are so happy that a match was made!!!