Veterinary Care

Humans are provided with doctors/specialists and medical professionals to assist us in our everyday life with medical concerns. The same is required for any animals in your home – there are veterinarians for dogs/cats/rabbits/reptiles and birds and all animals should be taken in for a yearly examination – because they are so adept at hiding their illness, you may not always know when your bird is sick until its to late.

Birdline utilizes the services of :

Calgary Avian and Exotic Clinic

Bay 1, 2308 24th Street SW
Calgary, Alberta, Canada
T2T 5H8

Tel: 403-240-3577
Fax: 403-249-8160

Mango, a Moluccan Cockatoo, gets surgery to repair a self mutilation wound.

There is a link available in the Links section that provides a listing of all Avian Clinics – after experiencing other clinics we found that Avian and Exotics far exceeded the care and professional manner in which they handled each case we have brought in.

The techs are very knowledgeable and treat each bird as if they were their own – kind words and gentle hands ensure each bird is kept as calm as possible – the girls there are simply amazing and the vets are the best!

When Birdline birds are adopted – and the distance is allowable, they will continue to receive their care from Avian and Exotics clinic.