In Loving Memory

Beanie: White Capped Pionus

Beanie is approximately 7 – 8 years old – and transferred in from another rescue.

Upon arrival it was immediately noticed that he was quite thin and his right wing does not lay flat in comparison to the other one, we suspected a possible fracture and had x-rays done to verify or dismiss this, it turned out that at some point he had a fracture and/or trauma to his clavicle which is the reason for his misshapen wing, along with a buildup of what appears to be scar tissue.

We have just had him into the Avian vet this past week and his weight is still the same although he does eat a varied diet, we are going to be doing further testing to rule out a few other concerns we have, and while he IS adoptable, we will gladly accept applications for him, we will not adopt and/or do any home visits until these tests are completed.

Once we have more clinical testing completed, we will update his profile.

[youtube_video id=”3XSDVnekA70″]

Dec update: Beanie was tested for all Avian diseases and all came back negative. Beanie has a heart condition and a heartbeat almost double what it should be – he is currently on heart meds.  We will look at homes for him with a female as the primary caregiver (he has attacked random men)but with realistic expectations. Due to the severity of his heart condition, he may live a long happy life, or he could pass away suddenly.