Adopted Parrots

African Grey looking for a new family – ADOPTION PENDING

NOTE: This is NOT a Birdline bird.

Jabber is a 20 year old male African Grey.  He is in great health other than he has a leg that has slipped back so it is not even with his other leg.  He can still use it but uses it more as a balancing leg.  He still gets around his cage but more slowly.  He has had this issue for approx 10 years and it seems to have stabilized. He was used to having children around but they have grown up and are no longer living with us.  He loves having people around although not in a chaotic environment.  He loves being chatted to and loves listening to people talk to each other.  I feel he would be fine in either a household with a couple of respectful children or with a couple who was around much of the time.  He is a real chatterbox but is a bit shy with new people and will probably not speak for the first while.

Low key interaction is the best way to interact and bond with Jabber. 

He will initially need some space while he observes his new environment. He eats well.  His staple food is the Harrison High Potency Coarse food and also loves most fruits and nuts as well as toast and oatmeal. He likes ripping apart paper and corks. He finds those more fun than actual toys. He has a large cage but I have put in a divider in the middle as he sometimes loses his balance at night and with the divider mid cage, he doesn’t have as far to fall.  This seems to work quite well.

Jabbers adoption fee will be 800.00.