Goffin Cockatoo looking for an experienced adult home

This cute little guy is looking for a new family after the sudden passing of his (male)owner with whom he has shared his life for over 25+ years – he is estimated to be at minimum 37 years old.

He has only bonded with his previous owner and does not like women very much and tolerates some men. He has been known to chase/bite the woman in the current home so it is preferred that he is adopted by a male.

(NO small children please)

Please have realistic expectations when considering adoption – this little guy is going to take time to learn how to trust/love again and an immediate bond is not likely going to happen.

He is somewhat protective of his cage and a few favorite toys. A larger cage would be beneficial for him as well.

He does chase cats in the home if there are any.

We are hoping to have him placed into a foster and/or an adoptive home within 2 weeks. He has not had any vet care so an avian vet exam would be recommended.

NO shared dwellings, apts etc as he is VERY loud.

Please fill out an application form located on the website.

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