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Illegers Macaw looking for a family

This DNA female is looking for a family to call her own.

She would do best on her own or with one other bird. She is slowly learning how to be social and training has been ongoing to encourage her to step up from her cage without biting. Once away from her cage she is quite social and learning how to cuddle on her terms.

She has not had the social interactions she should have but being that she is a young bird, we are confident that she will learn great skills with some time and patience and a lot of Love.

Positive reinforcement in training is key to building a loving and trusting relationship. She has had some bad experiences and would do best with a female owner.

Her diet has improved greatly and she enjoys fresh fruit/veges and while she loves her fruity zupreem pellets, we are still working on transitioning her to Harrisons pellets. She loves her wood toys and anything she can shred and keeps very active during the day!

She is learning how to talk and tries to sing but can also be VERY loud – she is NOT suited for an apartment or shared dwelling.

Please do your research on this species of bird before you apply to adopt.

She is not suited for a first time bird owner.

Please fill out an application or email directly if you have any questions.

She is located in Calgary AB.

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