African Grey – Kara

This sweet girl (DNA pending)is looking for a calm environment to call home. She was a stray 2 1/2 years ago and despite all attempts, an owner was never found. When she came into Birdline back in August of 2020, as a courtesy we also searched for a possible owner but none was found.

Due to this, we have no back history/age/behavior on this girl.

Her first few months with us were spent learning how to trust and allow close contact ie; feeding/cleaning her cage etc. We also worked on teaching her to step up on a rope perch as she is not hand tame and was very fearful of hands. She is treat motivated and loves pistachios/walnuts.

She was fully flighted but unfortunately she is not a direct flyer and hurt herself on numerous occasions with panic flights. We did clip her wings and will keep them clipped for her safety.

At some point in her life she experienced trauma to both of her feet. The deformities in them are not caused by a birth defect. She has shown that she is quite nimble and has no problem getting around her cage although on occasion she does step on one of her own toes and may trip/fall.

She is learning to trust more everyday and would need a very very patient owner who will allow her to discover things at her pace. She likes soft spoken people and gets nervous if there is alot of loud talking/yelling (possibly past traumas).

She has begun climbing down her cage to go investigate other areas of the house – when she finds herself in a spot she shouldn’t be, a hand is offered to step up (ongoing training)and on occasion she will – the rope perch is then used which she readily hops onto.

She has a healthy diet now which consists of Harrisons adult pellets, veges/fruit and her nuts.

Kara will need a calm home with no small children and someone who is willing to spend the time helping her navigate her trust. She has never bitten but will shows signs she will if she is pushed to much to fast.

There have been no real indicators that she prefers a specific gender and will be excited and wave/dance to anyone who comes close to her.

If you think you are her ” feathever” family, please fill out an application form located on the website.

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