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Frankie – Blue and Gold Macaw – ADOPTED



Frankie is a very shy 25 – 27 year old Blue and Gold Macaw.  She is looking for a very special home to call her own.

She has not shown any aggression to young people but we do recommend older children in the home just to be safe as she doesn’t like fingers going in her cage.  As she can get loud, you must live in a house to adopt this girl so your neighbors do not complain.

She is still quite shy of hands and coming out to be adventurous. She is stick trained and can be moved around this way and will step up on occasion. She gives very clear signs if she is not comfortable and will bite if you push her – this is out of fear – she is not an aggressive bird!

She will also need to be closely monitored for egg binding/egg laying – she has had surgery in the past 18 – 24 months to remove an egg.  Subsequent eggs laid were malformed and soft so she may require more than your average vet visits to monitor this.  A potential adopter needs to be aware of the responsibility and potential cost involved.

She has learned how to enjoy all fruits and vegetables and has been slowly weaned off of a high seed diet (about 1 tbsp per day now).  She also likes zupreem peanut flavored pellets although Harrisons is also offered regularly. Walnuts are her favorite nut and her training has been done using these as positive reinforcement.

She can talk and sing and dance although you can’t always understand what shes saying.

She enjoys wood toys and gets a regular supply of cut up wood – 2x4s are perfect for her!

She seems to enjoy the company of other birds around her so another bird or two in her new family would be okay. Caution must be taken as the small birds landing on her cage will get their toes bit!

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