Adopted Parrots

“Sparky” African Grey




Sparky is a 20 year old DNA female Congo African Grey.  Since her arrival, she has settled in amazingly well and is feeling more comfortable every day.  She loves to climb down her cage and go wandering around to see what kind of trouble she can find.  She has no outward aggression and while she is still shy to hands and stepping up, she is getting closer and closer to making that first step.

Sparky has a large vocabulary and speaks with full sentences – she picks up words/phrases very fast!! She is also learning target training to get around her cage and is very very treat motivated.

She has learned to love pretty much all fruits/vegetables and is now eating Harrisons pellets daily – she loves to nibble and loves crackers so much she will repeatedly ask for one throughout the day 🙂

Sparky has a very large cage (which will go with her to her new family)and we have been slowly adding more toys to it – they need to be introduced slowly as she does get nervous of them if you go to fast.  She has just started playing/chewing on wood blocks and by all appearances is a very content little girl.

She needs a PATIENT family who will not push her to do things until she is ready –  and will give her the time she needs in order to build a trusting relationship with everyone.

Please visit the guardianship page for application forms if you think she would be an amazing companion for your family.