In Loving Memory

“Twiggy” Alexandrian Parakeet



Twiggy is an Alexandrian Parakeet and is over 15 years old.  Since her arrival, she has adjusted very well and has had no issues adapting to her new cage and/or lifestyle.

Twiggy readily steps up for both males and females but does show stress and agitation with small children.

She is fully flighted and loves to fly around – she is still working on her landings and needs to be monitored while shes out as she will fly onto other cages/counter tops etc.

She LOVES her wood blocks and will easily chew/shred 2 dozen 1 inch square wood blocks – everyday – along with any kind of shreddable toy – she loves wicker type toys and cotton rope – again  – she needs to be monitored as the rope strands will find there way wrapped around her feet – she is only allowed to have supreme cotton rope to ensure her safety – she is a very busy girl and in the past week has shown nesting behaviors – shredding everything!

Her diet is improving daily and she is now enjoying fruits/vegetables along with some seed – she has not shown interest in any pellet yet, and this could take time.  With the new diet and bathing, we see her colors becoming a bit more vibrant every day.

Twiggy can be very vocal at times and has a loud screeching call – she does not do this for long periods of time, but will contact call when she wants your attention or her wood blocks run out.  She does talk and says her name, hello,hi, how are you and alot of other phrases that are more of rambling/mumbling right now – she has an incredibly sweet voice!

She enjoys time on the playstands away from her cage and we hope that the new family will also have an area for her to play/climb/forage around on.

Please visit the guardianship page and submit an application if you are interested in providing a loving feathever home for this sweet girl.