The Gemini Fund

In the past few years we have found many families in situations where economics have played a key role in their ability to provide proper care for their feathered companion.  In many instances we have had requests to surrender solely based on a financial concern within the home.

A few months ago this was a concern for a family due to medical issues with their beloved bird – sadly we didn’t get to him fast enough and he passed away.  We believe that had we been able to offer some kind of assistance just a bit sooner it may have had a different outcome.  This new program is in honor of his memory and to help others where we can.

The Gemini Fund will be a totally separate account used to help those families during financial hardships.  We will take a percentage of all donations and place the funds into this account.  For those wishing to donate to Birdline if you want to donate specifically to The Gemini Fund, please indicate this.  This fund will benefit parrots in need that are NOT Birdline birds.

Birdline is still in need of donations for the birds currently in the rescue and for the ones incoming but we felt it beneficial, and very much needed to have a separate way to help other birds that will not take away  from the small funds we have for the Birdline birds.

We had the great joy of utilizing this fund over the weekend to provide for a family who felt the need to surrender due to finances, we were able to assist with some needed supplies and the birds are able to stay in their current home and will not be surrendered.

We want to be able to provide help in all areas of parrot ownership – and The Gemini Fund will allow a few more birds to remain in their homes with their families.