In Loving Memory

Jady – Orange Wing Amazon – ADOPTED

Nov 19, 2019

This sweet girl made her way over the rainbow bridge today.  We are all saddened at the very sudden loss of her.  She touched many lives and we are blessed to have had the chance to be part of hers..

Meet Jady.

Jady is a 31 yr old Orange Wing Amazon parrot.

Jady came to Birdline with very poor feather condition due to nutrition deprivation, as well as a serious distrust of us humans. We are happy to report that Jady has taken to a better diet of Zupreem and Harrisons pellets, along with her fresh vegetables and a sprinkle of seed mix each day.

Jady has also learned to step up (if you have a pistachio treat!), and loves to fly! She will come fly into the living room so that she can hang out with the flock and watch what is going on.

A home with other parrots to keep Jady company would be great. She loves to hang out with the other amazons and doesn’t mind sharing a perch in the evening.

Jady is available now for adoption, and would love to meet you! Please fill out the guardianship application below if you are interested in Jady.

Name: Jady
Species: Orange Wing Amazon
Gender: Female
Age: 31 yrs
Gender Preference: none
Cage included: Yes (brand new)

Jadey - Blue Crown Amazon
Jadey – Blue Crown Amazon
Jadey and Pandy sharing a perch
Jadey and Pandy sharing a perch
Please indicate your type of residence.
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Do you currently have an Avian Vet
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If you currently own birds, what do you use to clean the cage with?
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How often should the bird be given fruit and/or vegetables?
Should the bird be on an all seed diet?
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