Female Blue and Gold Macaw looking for love…

This 20 plus year old girl is looking for a family with a female owner. She has demonstrated a lack of trust with all men so far and would be most successful with a woman. NO children please.

As she is learning to trust me and her surroundings she is slowly coming out of her shell. With this said however, she has exhibited pretty aggressive behaviors to all visitors both male and female. This is also partly due to the fact she is very hormonal at this time.

She has been to see the Avian vet for her very first time and did really good. She had a pedicure and bloodwork done which shows she is in good health since her transition over to a proper diet.

She has a HUGE cage which measures 36 deep x 45 wide x 80 tall at the center (3 dome cage) and would need a large area for it. It MUST be away from your walls as she will redecorate those and ingesting drywall is not a health thing for her.

This bird will require multiple visits with her prospective new owner and experience with macaws is going to be required.

As she can be very loud at times, she must be in a house and not a shared dwelling.

She is still hand shy but with consistent training she is now able to step up on a perch.

Please fill out the application form on our webpage if you are interested in her.

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