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Tessa – Congo African Grey * Adopted!

Update: Tessa has been adopted! Thanks for your interest in Tessa!

Hi there, my name is Tessa!

I am a 25 yr old Congo African Grey, and I need a home to call my own!

I am looking for a home who will have lots of love for me and lots patience while I learn to love you. I am affectionate, but you have to let me like you first! If you move to fast you might scare me and I bite when I am unsure of you. Also, I have had some problems in the past and to deal with them I have been biting off my feathers. I am sure that with lots of love and patience, I will eventually stop hurting my feathers, but until then, I am the way I am. I hope you can accept me this way! New toys scare me so please go slow when showing them to me. If they are put into my cage to fast and I think they will hurt me, I will frantically start chewing and pulling at my feathers.

In my past home, I spent many years with my caregivers. Unfortunately they became too old to care for me and had to give me up. A family member tried to help me, but they decided that I needed someone with more experience to help me. I am hoping that my next home will be my last!

I love to talk, whistle and sing, and spend most of my time in my cage swinging on my perch. I do however enjoy coming down to the floor to explore and find someone who will give me scritches on my neck and chin. I don’t mind other parrots either!

I come with a brand new cage, I eat Harrisons pellets along with fresh fruit and veggies every day. I also enjoy a little seed on my veggies (not too much tho!). I have even been to the vet to make sure my feather problem is not medically caused.

Because I am a wanderer, I shouldn’t be in home where other little animals can chase me or little feet to step on me. I would prefer an adult family to call my own.  I greet you every morning by saying “good morning Tessa” and at night I will tell you “time for bed”. I am seriously a very smart girl!

Why don’t you fill out that form on the bottom of this message and see if you can adopt me into your home?

Name: Tessa
Breed: Congo African Grey
Gender: Female (has laid eggs in the past)
Age: 25 years
Gender Preference: None

Congo African Grey
Congo African Grey
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