Adopted Parrots

Quirky Quaker “ADOPTED”

This quirky /spunky little quaker (Monk Parakeet) is looking for someone with lots of love and patience as he/she (DNA pending)learns how to adapt with missing toes and a slight splay of the right leg (looks like hes doing the splits on occasion)and has a wee bit of trouble balancing on your shoulder – the favorite spot!

Your shiny earrings are going to be removed and if you have blemishes they will be removed as well! We have been working on “gentle” and the word “no” when he/she gets a bit to rough – there have been bites, but not due to aggression at this point – mostly just curious nibbling a bit to rough. Likes to chew on your shirt and your cup of coffee needs to be moved or he will go straight for it!

Typical quaker behavior – they often times choose one person as their favorite – as he/she is choosing me, we notice that the grumbling starts when someone gets close that he doesn’t like as much 🙂

He has learned how to fly and his direction is getting better everyday. Due to his feet issues, he should remain flighted. He can now fly from his person, to a stand, and back to the chair etc. As he has lost his toes from other birds previously, he should be an only bird so that this history does not get repeated.

His cage has been modified with some perches and some flat surfaces to help with moving around. He has mastered his cage and gets around fine now and can grasp the bars with ease. He LOVES his cardboard box toy and spends hours chewing/screaming at it 🙂

Yes, as a quaker he can be very loud at times and should not live in a shared dwelling so as to not disturb your neighbors 🙂

There are some words/sentences “your a good bird” “sorry” “pretty bird” and lots of mumbles we can’t understand.

Please fill out an application form if you think you may be the perfect featherver home he is looking for.