Adopted Parrots

Pepper – Green cheek conure ADOPTED

This little guy has found a new family!!


I am peppers 3rd owner. We took Pepper in from a lady off kijiji, who had had her for about 2 weeks. I think now it was because Pepper is very vocal. She is a screamer. She adjusted to our family life after we got her. Shortly after I gave birth to my daughter, Pepper got insanely jealous.

I haven’t been able to have her outside of her cage, as she flies and bites the people in our house. When we got her she had separation anxiety, and would scream anytime you leave the room.

Many occasions she has flew and bit my husband when she notices he puts his hat on to leave the house. She also fly’s to myself and my oldest daughter and has bitten us. Due to her being aggressive I cant have her out of her cage when my children are awake.

She is also cage possessive. If she is on the cage you have to be careful how close you get as she lunges and bites.

The first summer we had her, we went away camping. I entrusted pepper to a person who boards birds. Shortly after returning Pepper then started to pluck her feathers. We took her to the vet and the vet couldn’t find anything wrong with her. Since then she has become a seasonal plucker.

She eat harrisons, and does not like leafy greens. She loves berries and peppers. Sunflower seeds are her favorite treat.

I also have two cages for her. Although I have only ever used one, as I haven’t had the space to set up the other cage I was planning on using for sleep. She is also due for her yearly visit to the vet.

Please contact Jade at (403) 901-9334 or email:

Due to an impending move, Pepper needs a new how before the end of February.