Adopted Parrots

Ace and Reggie ADOPTED!

These two cuties are looking for a new family due to allergies. The owner has provided a bio of the birds and they are currently still with their existing family.

PLEASE do your research on these species.

As per the owner:

Things Reggie Can Say

Good Reggie Bird, Good Boy, Good Boy Reggie Bird, Are you talking, Good Morning, Night Night, Pretty Pretty Bird, Come here, Kiss.


When they go to bed if you say night night time they will both run in the cage so you can shut it and put the blanket over them.

If you put a pile of Kleenex or paper towel on your lap while you are holding Ace she will burrow and root to make a nest.  It’s quite funny.

Reggie likes to go everywhere Ace does.  It’s best to pick up Ace first then Reggie will follow.

They like you to talk to them a lot and also like to be with you on your shoulder or somewhere where they can see you.  They are pretty good at hanging on to your shoulder but Reggie does fall off sometimes or if they get spooked they will try to fly.  The don’t get very far.

They like grapes, the inside of bell peppers, oranges, peanuts, all kinds of crackers, toast, steak raw or cooked, cheezies, Lays plain potato chips, cooked rice, all kinds of pasta, chicken, cheese and will try anything else you are eating or snacking on.  Reggie likes lettuce, carrots, tomatoes and raw potatoes.

They bath in their water bowls so it’s best to have fresh water in there all the time.   The don’t fit in the bowl very well so we do bath them occasionally, they don’t care for it when we bath them!

As with most birds they can nippy, Reggie in particular can be territorial of the cage and Ace which is why it is always good to pick up Ace first.  Reggie will nip occasionally so watch for that!  Ace is a bit shy until she gets to know you then is just fine.  She loves being picked up and talked to the more attention the better and likes being carried or just in the same room.  Reggie simply goes where Ace does.

Their cage will go with them to their new family and there will be an adoption fee required.