Adopted Parrots

Peachfront Conure – Adopted!


Peaches has found her new “feathever” family!

Fully flighted, and previously trained to come and go from various objects and perches, but most times would be most comfortable on your shoulder. She enjoys hanging out on top of her cage or playstand but on occasion will fly to you if you walk away – open doors and windows would be a concern and due diligence would be required.

She loves to climb around things and hang upside down.

She prefers small wooden blocks, anything crunchy and crispy, paper cups, random objects wrapped in paper and loves anything with knots tied in it , things that rattle or make noise. She loves tunnels and anything she can go inside to investigate. Loves to learn and be trained

Diet: Harrison’s Adult Lifetime *Fine* pellets , wide variety of fruits and veggies – favorites being blueberry, carrot, shredding leafy greens, bananas, apple, broccoli, quinoa

Seeds are a rare treat and usually used as training rewards along with pistachios. She is very treat motivated.

She DOES NOT LIKE SMALL CHILDREN – she has shown that she WILL go out of her way to bite them and must be in a home with no kids – no exceptions.

Please fill out an application form on our page if you are interested in adopting her.

(located in Calgary AB)