Peachfront Conure looking for a new loving home -ADOPTED



My bird’s is Peaches but we have affectionately called her Chicken since we brought her home because it just fit her personality. I will try to include everything I can think of but feel free to ask any important questions I may have missed.

DNA sexed at Calgary Avian and Exotics – Female , in good health

Hatch certificate and DNA certificate included – Born December 29 , 2015

*Fully flighted, trained to come and go from various objects and perches, does not fly around the house on her own. Tends to enjoy staying on top of her cage or playstand and sometimes flies to our shoulders if we call or something looks exciting. Has never had a crash into any walls.

For activities she loves to climb and be upside down, shredding everything in sight. Prefers small wooden objects, anything crunchy and crispy corn husk or paper cups, random objects wrapped in paper, loves anything with knots tied in it , things they rattle or make noise. Likes tunnels and anything she can go inside to investigate. Loves to learn and be trained

Diet: Harrison’s Adult Lifetime *Fine* pellets , wide variety of fruits and veggies – favorites being blueberry, carrot, shredding leafy greens, bananas, apple, broccoli, quinoa

Seeds are a rare treat and usually used as training rewards

Wakes up around 7 or 8 am when I uncover her cage (she has never screamed to be woken up)

Bed time is usually around 7 or 8 pm , cage covered, relatively quiet area, but is not disturbed by us moving around the house.

Since she was 3 months old she has never been a big fan of small children. She could learn to be socialized with anybody since she is a very smart and sweet bird.

I’m looking for a home who has lots of time to spend with her, preferably with no small kids , cats , or dogs, as she is fully flighted and very much prefers it.

She started out with a major overclipping from the breeder and just showed a huge improvement in confidence and ability when her feathers started coming back in.

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